What do I need to make an “In the Hoop” Nobbie Neez Kids Design

We often get asked what supplies are needed to make one of the Nobbie Neez Kids’ “In the Hoop” designs. 

Here is a list of frequently used supplies:

  • Fabric  - depending on the project, you may want to use felt, fleece, or cotton.
  • Embroidery thread
  • Stabilizer – we suggest using sticky back stabilizer hooped with a layer of tearaway stabilizer on top.  Again, this may vary by project.
  • Hand sewing needle and thread – many projects require some degree of hand sewing. 
  • Fabric glue  - this may be used in place of or in conjunction with your hand sewing needle and thread.
  • Scissors
  • Polyfil – this is used for “stuffed” designs.
  • Ribbon – width and type vary by design
  • Buttons, doll eyes or other embellishments – these also vary by design.


Each Nobbie Neez Kids’ “In the Hoop” design includes a step by step PDF tutorial, which includes a supplies list, but hopefully this basic list will give you a head start on your next project.