How to Download Designs

When placing an order on Nobbie Neez Kids, you will be directed to Paypal for secure payment.  Once payment is made Paypal will return you to our store.  Since you are paying with PayPal your download link will be emailed to you as soon as PayPal processes the order. Some browsers will download the file automatically to your harddrive and other browsers will popup a prompt to download. If you get a popup prompt to save your download always choose "save" when prompted.  Never choose "open".  Your downloads are also listed in your account section. You get 2 downloads of the design good for only 24 hours.

I do not store customer orders and YOU must make a secure back-up of the designs ordered.  I will not replace designs due to computer crash or any other reason.  Sorry but I delete all orders after 24 hours due to the amount of space they take up.  This would make out web site costs soar.

If you have any problems downloading or need other assistance just email and we will get right back to you.  We do have an auto-responder so you will get one each time you email us.  But we will answer all emails as soon as possible.  Be Patient.

If you did not download at the time of purchase and it is within 24 hours, just log into your account at the top right of the store page and go to the Order History link. You will be able to find the design(s) on your order in the Order History section for download.  You can also download the .pdf order invoice in your Order History section so be sure to download and save the invoice of the order for reference if you have questions.